You Can Save Hours with New Zen Cart Multiple Product Editor!

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What is the scarcest resource we always lack? What do we always care about? What is more valuable than water and air? Yeah, correct, it’s time! We need time to think about our future, to make decisions about our life, we need time to build and grow our business and promote our products.

Starting your own business takes time, lots of energy, demands persistancy, willingness to study, courage to ask questions, learn and follow proven strategies. What cart to choose while starting your first e-commerce venture? Reliable, cheap and easy to run? If you elected to use Zen Cart eCommerce software, then you probably know that its free, open source online shop software for running of your e-shop, which was developed by people who know what e-commerce is really like from personal experience. To use Zen Cart is as simple..... as putting the biscuit in the basket! It can be performed by users who are far from programming and only have basic computer skills.

Zen Cart eCommerce software is a basis which is used for running your e-shop. Programmers from MagneticOne have analyzed its pros and cons and developed Zen Cart Store Manager application which allows to automate most of store routine operations and significantly reduces time on their completion. Store manager for Zen Cart has all necessary features which give maximum flexibility and convenience in what relates to creation, configuration and managing of multiple stores, application of convenient admin panel design and maintenance of products and categories, managing orders, discounts, calculation of taxes and many more. All you need to do is to download, install and start working.

What will you choose to sleep at night or to sit in front of computer doing mechanical job and changing prices till 3 a.m. in the morning? Zen Cart Mass Product Editor is intellectual and clever application which allows to change prices in few clicks with reliable result. Men, of course, are the cause of great discoveries and inventions, but it’s also true that human factor causes the majority of mistakes. The more people are involved in the business process the less predictable the result of their activity is going to be. That’s why Zen Cart Mass Product Changer is great for your business. It decreases percentage of human errors and computerizes change of products prices.

With Zen Cart Mass Product Changer you can easily change all your prices and quantities whether for selected product or group of products by increasing or decreasing them by specific value or specified percentage rate, set smart prices such as $9.99 instead of $10.00, or $24.95 rather than $25.00, or overwrite them with new prices. Before applying changes the program shows preliminary results where you can see old and new prices.

So, go with evolution, feel comfortable and use your time effectively. Zen Cart Store Manager will definitely suit all your requirements due to possibilities of multiple store management, convenient reporting system, choosing the look of admin web interface, flexible product maintenance which allows you with help of Zen Cart Mass Product Changer to change prices and quantities of multiple product with only few clicks.

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