Easy Management of Your Zen Cart-Based Store

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Many online stores are based on one of following shopping carts: osCommerce, X-cart, Zen Cart, CRE Loaded etc. This is a base for creation of successful online store. The owner has to take care of many aspects to keep the store competitive. This task demands constant attention of online merchant and latest updates. It is quite difficult for one person or even a few to take care of everything.

One of the essential things the owner of Zen Cart online store has to purchase is Store Manager for Zen Cart. It is a unique application that makes the management and customization of Zen Cart online store easy and effective. Store Manager for Zen Cart is a package deal. You buy it once and it’s yours to have. No additional monthly fees or other mandatory payments!

With help of Store Manager you can easily export Zen Cart products into Excel, edit it and then import products back into Zen Cart store. You can also make Zen Cart product import from your supplier (Excel/CSV) into Zen Cart in few moments. The reports for Zen Cart are great.

With the number of records provided by Store Manager for Zen Cart you can see at what point potential customers bailed out of the buying process. This information shows where exactly the break down is in your shopping cart. So you can make management of your online store more efficient.

This is a must-have software with user-friendly interface for modern successful online store. It’s very easy to use Store Manager, even if you don't have even basic SQL skills. It’s quite simple to handle and understand. There are some great add–on modules, which will cost you more money to get. These tools help you to make more aspects of online store automated, leaving the merchant more spare time to take care of other things. They help to keep track of sales and discounts, decorate store for the holidays, send follow-up messages to the customers, create surveys, and in many other matters. It’s up to you to choose, which modules will work best for your particular store.

Zen Cart Store Manager also gives you the tools to make your website, then gives you the merchant tools to manage your website. Should you have any problems or misunderstandings, you can always find proper answers at forums, FAQ’s, or online help service.

In case you are not sure you will handle setup procedure the right way, you can turn to MagneticOne professionals. They will setup the software for you fast and for affordable price. It's just one less hassle for you to deal with.

Zen Cart Store Manager is a perfect solution for your store. It will help you to make your online store attractive for customers, active and always updated. Save your time and make the management easier and more efficient with Zen Cart Store Manager by MagneticOne!

More detailed product description is available here http://www.zencart-manager.com

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