Save Your Time Managing Zen Cart Product Attributes with Store Manager for Zen Cart Application

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All online store owners want convenience in the software they use to have more time for the different aspects of the business. Automating the maintenance of the store could be the factor that will lead in the long term period to success and development. MagneticOne has developed Store Manager for Zen Cart as an answer for the organization woes of online store owners. This Windows application can make product management easy as well streamline processes for more effective operations. With the Store Manager for Zen Cart, you will be able to manage the items that you have in your store database, add product attributes to the Zen Cart products and process orders in the quickest way possible.

When you add Zen Cart Product Attributes to your Zen Cart products, you will be able to save time from all the virtual rummaging through your items. Your Zen Cart might be filled with so many items that you would not know where to start looking for what you are searching for. However, when you have product attributes activated in your Zen Cart, you will be able to streamline your database to a more organized virtual shelf for your online store.

You can define the Zen Cart Product Attributes based on the name, color, size, style or pricing options. These attributes will be associated to each of the products creating an identity for them in a matter of minutes. Adding attributes are as easy as clicking and editing the fields. You have the option to add, remove or edit product attributes to suit the items that you have in your store. Store Manager also has a populate feature so that your product attributes can just be copied from a clipboard then pasted onto multiple products’ descriptions in just a few clicks, in a matter of seconds.

Should you offer products for downloading, then you can utilize the Store Manager’s attributes for downloadable products. You just need to set aside time to link the downloading resource file onto the product and specify the date that this downloadable product will be available for your store and the customers.

The Extended Attribute Editor allows the online store owner to manage and select any attribute and create combinations. They could be as little as you want or as many as possible. Changing Zen Cart Product Attributes is also easy with this as you can just search for them and create updates in a matter of minutes.

The Store Manager can help you manage any product attribute at any given time. As long as the Zen Cart Product Attributes that you apply are all definitive, managing the attributes for your products will be a breeze.

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