Zen Cart Modules Simplify Management of Your Online Store

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Main task of every online merchant is not only to launch the online store successfully but to keep it on the same level further on. This is quite difficult, time and efforts consuming job, as you have to attract customers’ attention over and over again. Lately, the technologies have been progressing drastically which offered limitless possibilities to online store owners. So every online merchant can choose the way to expansion himself. Zen Cart Modules are among the top solutions that can be chosen. These tools have been created specially for online stores to simplify and streamline management of such stores.

It is hard to enumerate all of Zen Cart Modules in one article. But it is possible to give you general idea of what it is and how they can help you. So here are some examples:

Event Designer Module integrates a scheduler into the existing online store, allowing you to setup your store events at one time so they start and stop without your constant concern. This module allows you to make scheduled holiday greetings, discount announcements, sale promotions, make product description changes, decorate your store for holidays, etc. You can also combine multiple events on the same page.

Make-a-Deal Module is totally automated tool, which allows you to make individual offer to each customer. The offers are based on customer’s behavior: customer viewed X products in your store, (offer will be made only after the visitor viewed predefined number of products), customer viewed X categories, customer spent X seconds in store, customer spent X seconds on product page, customer added X products in shopping cart, and customer added more then $X in shopping cart. This module is a great call for action, as offers are limited in time.

Tag Cloud Module allows to highlight the most important subjects very dynamically. The basic idea of tag clouds is to represent tags according to their meaning, their weight and their frequency compared to other tags. Tags can be sorted alphabetically or according to their importance or popularity. Thus, this module offers quite interesting approach for web site navigation and provides visitors with instant illustration of the main topics of your site’s content.

Now you can see how your online store can be much more successful and benefit from Zen Cart Modules. It is fast and easy way to improve the quality of online store. You pay for modules just once and they will work for the store’s promotion as long as you want them to. They have been thoroughly developed, taking into consideration the peculiarities of online business to perfectly meet its needs.

Try Zen Cart Modules by MagneticOne, a company that creates software for online stores. They offer wide range of high quality modules for you to choose from. You can combine several modules at your store to achieve better results. Don’t waste your time and efforts – let Zen Cart Modules do some work for you! Check out the available Modules here - Modules for ZenCart

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