Use Store Manager for Zen Cart to Improve Your AdWords Campaign

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In this article we will take a brief look on a usefull Zen Cart addon that will help you to create Google AdWords campaigns with minimum efforts.

Shopping cart is one of the most essential requirements when it comes to online shopping. In a traditional online shopping environment, the biggest challenge is to manage the global customer base. It is one of the complicated and challenging processes and there are only few players in the market who are specialist into e-commerce application and amongst them, Zen Cart has managed to make a mark for them. Zen Cart purely is the art of e-commerce, user-friendly, free and open source shopping cart application software. This e-commerce application is developed and designed by a group of like minded people, shopkeepers, programmers, designers and consultants across the globe. They all created this niche application in order to achieve the realistic view of the business rather than being more technically correct. To make this application more soothing, Store Manager for Zen Cart was introduced as a supportive application.

Store Manager for Zen Cart has an effective product management capability along with the features like order management, quick reporting, friendly interface and intuitive. Amongst all the complimentary features of Zen Cart software, Zen Cart AdWords captures the maximum attention. Zen Cart Mass AdWords Product Ads is addon for the Store Manager software, providing us friendly interface to create and execute our AdWords campaigns with literally no delays at all. Sounds interesting right? Yes it is true. Zen Cart AdWords will help to easily create separate advertisements in Google AdWords for every single product in our store.
Talking from the feature perspective of what Zen cart AdWords can do the over all feature set of Store Manager for Zen Cart, this solution can save a lot of time, which may be spent by the application user in developing and creating ads. It also increases sales and simplifies ad management. A survey suggests that this is one of the most used Zen Cart addon. This feature helps the user manage a larger targeted campaign very-very easily without any hassles. So now you can create separate ads for each product in your Zen Cart software, including product name, price and manufactures details.

This will also help us automatically find the keyword for each product which helps in broad match, exact match and phrase match option when targeting a larger section as a campaign. This is another exceptionally critical feature of Store Manager for Zen Cart. Using Zen Cart AdWords one can now also see the preview of the ad before it actually get published in the arena. This is a very important feature of Zen Cart software. There are many such Zen Cart addon in Store manager for Zen Cart. However, these features really makes the overall experience of Zen Cart smooth and user friendly. So go ahead friends. Try your Store Manager for Zen Cart today.

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