Export Products Easily and Quickly with Store Manager for Zen Cart

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In this article you will find a few useful tips on how to perform Zen Cart product export.

Nowadays more and more people give up their full-time jobs and go to e-commerce. That’s partly due to the fact that e-commerce is not an environment for computer geeks any more. If, for example, you want to earn a living planting and selling flowers there is a large choice of ready software you can start with. Zen Cart shopping cart would be a good choice for setting up your personal online shop. It’s easy to use, has a necessary set of features like simple product creation, large selection of templates, promotional instruments (marking products like ”free”, “call for price”, “featured”), quantity discounts and others.

Running you Zen Cart store you have to tackle with various small and big tasks. How to add products to Zen Cart, is there a way to perform Zen Cart export products, how to make convenient category tree and many others. Good news is that there is a lot of additional software to help you with those specific tasks. If you browse the Internet you will find modules for Zen Cart export, mods especially to export orders from Zen Cart to excel, applications to export Zen Cart products and others.

Though there is a solution now to help you simplify many common operations arising from daily Zen Cart store management. Guys from MagneticOne have developed really powerful solution. With Store Manager for Zen Cart you don’t have to look for and install multiple modules. All basic features are already included. In Store Manager you will find export/import characteristic that will help you with Zen Cart export particularly customers, products, orders and categories exports. Besides this application is truly intuitive meaning you won’t have to search necessary option.

With Store Manager you can export Zen Cart database to a csv. format that can be easily opened with excel, make necessary modifications – increase prise, update stock and then import records back to Zen Cart.

This Store Manager is the best choice for setting up your web shop. It allows experimenting with categories easily moving products, testing various prices and making promotions creating discounts. And you may not be afraid of making something wrong. Store Manager offers to create a database backup. That means you can save your Zen Cart database and then restore if needed.

Surely Store Manager isn’t a magic wand but it will help you with many routine operations and will save a lot of time. If you need more functionality you can use Zen Cart Addons and export orders to QuickBooks or Peachtree, make multiple changes, import images from IceCat automatically and others.

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